It is from my father and grandfather I inherited my passion for photography. Working as a doctor, my grandpa was a keen photographer. And with my dad we used to spend lots of time at the cinema cafe projector and I would often join him for his evening projections. Therefore, my childhood was to have huge impact on my future deciding about my career.

I started my career as a professional photographer after studying at fine-art photography. These studies provided me with basic knowledge and skills I have been using throughout my career (e.g. I am using wavelength of light when taking pictures rather than relying only on graphical software). As I sometimes simply say, with one backpack and a camera, the occasional photo shoot for acquaintances, friends and family became a separate business.

Who am I here for?!

To be honest, I have to admit that it is not possible without you.

My target group are mainly entities (promotion, modeling….,) however, I will be happy to take pictures of your family with kids or to capture significant moments in your lives, such as wedding.

My long-term experience gathered at photo-shooting exhibitions, promo events, modelling, etc. helped me achieve professional level of photo-shooting and I definitely do not lack creativity and good ideas.

Therefore, what you can be looking forward are snapshots filled with emotions, immersed in smart black-and-white or colour pictures. Far from trying to convince you about the contrary, I can only assure you that if you have been looking for a top photographer, you are on the right website.

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