Chernobyl – death zone?! Chernobyl is a town located in Kiev region in the north of Ukraine, close to the border with Belarus. In its time, the Chernobyl power plant was the most modern one in the Soviet Union. However, on 26 April 1986 after huge explosion dangerous nuclear substances were released and spread on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

I was really curious to visit the place of the accident, i.e. Chernobyl and Pripyat: when I decided to set off, many friends of mine considered me a fool.

Walking through an abandoned school building with dust-covered school banks and books. Empty streets or football stadium with tribunes – if these were not there, no one would have found out it was used as a stadium. Indeed, this is also how modern Chernobyl looks like, though it has become popular destination thanks to the famous HBO-broadcast series. 

What kind of technique did I put in my backpack?!

The terrain I was moving around Chernobyl was rather hard. Furthermore, I had to follow certain safety measures. Therefore, I needed a small, reliable and efficient camera.  I would like to point out that I am far from being a reviewer. This information is only complementary and presents my personal impressions. I expressly purchased Fuji XT 2, thinking that it is really a wonderful device. When it was new, it was by far one of best small cameras for professional photographers and other demanding users. Furthermore, I really like its design. In a nutshell, I would say it is a handsome retro-style and user-friendly guy. However, not to mention only its strong points: should you take it for a journey around the world, you should definitely take more batteries with you. 🙂


Vojmír Blažek - Černobyl – zóna smrti Vojmír Blažek - Černobyl – zóna smrti Vojmír Blažek - Černobyl – zóna smrti Vojmír Blažek - Černobyl – zóna smrti